Hey there! My name is Nadin and I'm from Germany. My responsibility lies with the graphics as well as the advertisment of this lovely site. Apart from that I'm lingering in the shadows and be there when no one expects me. But no worries, I do not bite (hard). Joke aside, I'm well-bred and have manners. I love harmony and try to maintain it in every aspect of what I do. I love to brainstorm before jumping into a thread so there will be absolutly no reason for you to be shy. Just write me a pm or meet me on discord! When I'm not around then it's because I'm at work (shifts), I'm dead or our time zones are way too far apart.
Hi! Maggie here, the moderator around these parts. Some of you might remember me from Believe In Heroes, or BIH to go by the site's acronym. My job lies squarely with the site layout and aesthetic, as well as advertising. I work as a Legal Secretary, and I live in Ireland, so my presence around the board might be spotty, but I will be hovering at various intervals. What do I bring to Infinite Dreams? A love of writing, and particularly, story telling. I also have all this useless Norse mythology knowledge that makes me the best equipped to deal with all them pesky Aesir, Vanir and whatever else might wander into the site, so if you have any questions about that area of things, hit me up either by PM or on Discord at madmaggie#6538.

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 Posted: May 13 2018, 08:13 AM
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application rules
• We welcome both canon and original characters, albeit, with restrictions.

• When placing an application for a character, set the topic title as the character's first name and last name in capitals, and the topic description as the character's age ¦ codename ¦ member group in appropriate capitals.

• With regard to reservations, simply registering with a canon character will be considered a reservation, but it doesn't mean you can hold a canon without at least starting an application. The reserve will cover a period of seven (7) days and you'll have two (2) days from the moment of registration to at least start a work in progress (WIP) for the character and a week to complete the application. Failure to at least start the application in the two days will result in the canon reverting back to being available. Any other reservations, such as face claims, will also be allowed a grace period of a week, after which point the canon and face claim in question will be opened up for application again.

• Only celebrity face claims will be permitted here, unless the celebrity in question has requested otherwise. We will not be allowing anime, cartoon or drawings to be used.

• Please do not tamper with the application template or add additional images of your character. Only two images are permitted in the application.

• Please ensure that all sections of the application are filled out sufficiently, otherwise staff members will conclude it is incomplete. Further to this point, when you have completed the application, simply bump it by replying to the application in question and it will be reviewed as soon as possible.

• Please don’t be deterred. It is very unlikely your application will be initially accepted, and that there won’t be any requested amendments. The powers section of an application always poses an issue on sites in this genre, and we simply need to avoid overpowered characters and the potential for power playing.

• Once your application has been reviewed by a member of staff, they will send you a PM with their suggested edits. You will be expected to make these within the space of one week, that is seven days, from the day the PM was sent.

• If you find yourself unable to finish the application, or make the required amendments to said application within the allotted times, please notify a member of staff.

• For those characters without powers, please bypass the powers section of the application in its entirety, and focus on whatever skills and talents your character may have instead.

• Applications should be utilized by players to prove they know and understand the character (s) they are applying for, and should therefore be written in a player’s own words. While it is perfectly acceptable, and recommended, that online sources be used as reference points to complete an application, it is not acceptable to copy and paste information directly from those sources. Any members caught in breach of this rule will simply have their applications denied.

• Applicants must obtain permission for other ‘character mentions’ during the application process. By ‘character mentions’, we mean including information pertaining to other characters currently in play, which is not considered canon to the site’s plot, in the application. For example, anyone intending to apply for Loki while there is a Thor in play, must contact the member playing Thor by personal message, and request permission from the player of Thor to include information relating to that character in the application, and make clear what information will be relayed. This rule will be observed particularly in the case of characters related to a character currently in play.

• Please do not post in any of the role play sections of the site until your application has been accepted.

• Please do not pester staff about reviewing your application. We want to accept you as much as you want to be accepted, and we will review your application as soon as humanly possible.

• After being accepted please fill out claims and profile. Our who's who list is designated in such a way that members can update it themselves whenever they apply for a new character, so please ensure that it is kept up-to-date in that capacity as well.

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