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Hi! Maggie here, the moderator around these parts. Some of you might remember me from Believe In Heroes, or BIH to go by the site's acronym. My job lies squarely with the site layout and aesthetic, as well as advertising. I work as a Legal Secretary, and I live in Ireland, so my presence around the board might be spotty, but I will be hovering at various intervals. What do I bring to Infinite Dreams? A love of writing, and particularly, story telling. I also have all this useless Norse mythology knowledge that makes me the best equipped to deal with all them pesky Aesir, Vanir and whatever else might wander into the site, so if you have any questions about that area of things, hit me up either by PM or on Discord at madmaggie#6538.

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 Banned List
 Posted: May 13 2018, 10:11 AM
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Banned List
The following is a list of current banned characters on Infinite Dreams. We understand this is relatively expansive, but we feel the following restrictions are necessary. These apply in cases where a character might pose an issue with regards to plot progression. They might also be too powerful, won't function within the parameters of our site, would be in breach of our site rules, or are simply deceased. Due to how broad the Marvel universe is, we cannot account for all characters that can be perceived as non-playable for one reason or another, and therefore reserve the right to restrict such characters when they are brought to our attention. Some characters are marked ‘Contact Staff’ because they may be permitted, and will require interested parties to speak with the administration team first. This list is subject to change depending on the progression of the plot, in which case there might be a place for the following characters in the storyline in the foreseeable future.


• Apocalypse
• Galactus
Thanos (Staff Played)
• Ultron (destroyed as per the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron)
• Lady Death
• Ghost Rider
• Kang the Conqueror
• Odin Borson
• Frigga Fjorgynndottir (deceased as per the events of Thor: The Dark World)
• Nathaniel Essex
• Phil Coulson (deceased as per the events of Avengers)
• Pietro Maximoff (deceased as per the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron)
• Sebastian Shaw (deceased as per the story in Infinite Dreams)
• Calvin Rankin
• David Haller
• Selene Gallio (deceased as per the story in Infinite Dreams)
• Wade Wilson
• Robert Reynolds
• Eric Brooks
• Daniel Rand


• Clones (with the exception of those listed below)
• Aliens (with the exception of those listed below)
• Gods (with the exception of Norse deities)
• Characters affected by the Phoenix Force
• Characters with Magical/ Supernatural capabilities (with the exception of Norse deities and characters as listed below)
• Characters with Time Travelling/ Manipulating capabilities
• Characters from Alternate Universes


• Omega Level Mutants
• Alpha Level Mutants
• Mutants with more than four related abilities
• Characters with technological enhancements
• Characters with scientific enhancements (depending on the level of enhancements)
• Familial relation to a canon (unless the express permission of all staff is sought)
• Clones
• Aliens
• Gods
• Inhumans
• Characters affected by the Phoenix Force
• Characters from Alternate Universes


• Power Mimicry
• Power Negation
• Matter Manipulation
• Shapeshifting (into a mythological/ extinct species)
• Time Travelling/ Manipulation
• Probability/ Reality Manipulation
• Magic/ Supernatural capabilities
• Powers that are a direct copy from a known canon

 Posted: May 26 2018, 06:32 AM
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Unbanned Characters
The following list of characters have been removed from the Banned List and are allowed to be played, but there is a caveat: it is imperative that anyone who wish to write them get in contact with the staff in order to set some parameters, as some of them could run the risk of being too overpowered and create the potential of power-playing, and also, to find a cool way for them to be incorporated to the main story and the storylines and arcs of Infinite Dreams.

• Laura Kinney
Vision (Contact Staff)
• Stephen Strange (Contact Staff)
• Inhumans (Contact Staff; should be adapted into mutants instead)
• Corvus Glaive (Contact Staff)
• Black Dwarf (Contact Staff)
Ebony Maw (Staff Played)
Proxima Midnight (Staff Played)
• Guardians of the Galaxy Characters (Contact Staff)

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