Hey there! My name is Nadin and I'm from Germany. My responsibility lies with the graphics as well as the advertisment of this lovely site. Apart from that I'm lingering in the shadows and be there when no one expects me. But no worries, I do not bite (hard). Joke aside, I'm well-bred and have manners. I love harmony and try to maintain it in every aspect of what I do. I love to brainstorm before jumping into a thread so there will be absolutly no reason for you to be shy. Just write me a pm or meet me on discord! When I'm not around then it's because I'm at work (shifts), I'm dead or our time zones are way too far apart.
Hi! Maggie here, the moderator around these parts. Some of you might remember me from Believe In Heroes, or BIH to go by the site's acronym. My job lies squarely with the site layout and aesthetic, as well as advertising. I work as a Legal Secretary, and I live in Ireland, so my presence around the board might be spotty, but I will be hovering at various intervals. What do I bring to Infinite Dreams? A love of writing, and particularly, story telling. I also have all this useless Norse mythology knowledge that makes me the best equipped to deal with all them pesky Aesir, Vanir and whatever else might wander into the site, so if you have any questions about that area of things, hit me up either by PM or on Discord at madmaggie#6538.

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 Posted: May 13 2018, 10:02 AM
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Actions have consequences…

The Avengers are no more, split right down the centre as a result of the Sokovia Accords, those that allied themselves with Tony Stark, and those that aligned themselves with Steve Rogers. While what remains of the group tries to pick up the pieces and push forward, the fugitives have formed the Secret Avengers in an effort to continue to play their part in bettering the world.

However, the threat posed by the Accords still looms, and its shadow has far reaching consequences, beyond enhanced individuals. Mutants, which have remained secluded, a secret within the general population, also stand to be targeted by the World Security Council. It is only a matter of time before they too are forced to comply with the Accords, and surrender their identities.

With the death of Charles Xavier, his School For Gifted Youngsters continues in its promotion of mutant prosperity, under the mantle of a new headmaster, and a new leader. Meanwhile, the Hellfire Club, a club for the social elite, with its influence over economic and political matters has become a force to be reckoned with in the current climate, under the leadership of the Inner Circle.

But there is something else…

Unknown to the inhabitants of Earth, Asgard, a beacon of light within the Nine Realms, stands in ruin. In its final hours, the AllFather managed to aid a handful of Asgardians in their escape, guiding them to a series of passages in an effort to evacuate the realm eternal, and flee to the middle world for sanctuary. It is from there, on the highest branches of Yggdrasil, in the depths of space, that something dark approaches…

Welcome to Infinite Dreams! From this point on, we will be writing our own variation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, using the movies up until Captain America: Civil War as a basis, and taking it from there. Will Earth’s Mightiest Heroes continue to stand divided, or will they stand united in the face of this oncoming threat? The choice, is up to you.

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