Hey there! My name is Nadin and I'm from Germany. My responsibility lies with the graphics as well as the advertisment of this lovely site. Apart from that I'm lingering in the shadows and be there when no one expects me. But no worries, I do not bite (hard). Joke aside, I'm well-bred and have manners. I love harmony and try to maintain it in every aspect of what I do. I love to brainstorm before jumping into a thread so there will be absolutly no reason for you to be shy. Just write me a pm or meet me on discord! When I'm not around then it's because I'm at work (shifts), I'm dead or our time zones are way too far apart.
Hi! Maggie here, the moderator around these parts. Some of you might remember me from Believe In Heroes, or BIH to go by the site's acronym. My job lies squarely with the site layout and aesthetic, as well as advertising. I work as a Legal Secretary, and I live in Ireland, so my presence around the board might be spotty, but I will be hovering at various intervals. What do I bring to Infinite Dreams? A love of writing, and particularly, story telling. I also have all this useless Norse mythology knowledge that makes me the best equipped to deal with all them pesky Aesir, Vanir and whatever else might wander into the site, so if you have any questions about that area of things, hit me up either by PM or on Discord at madmaggie#6538.

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 Posted: May 13 2018, 09:56 AM
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INFINITE DREAMS is a moderate to intermediate level site with a more realistic and mature approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Universe as a whole. It is understood that by registering and applying, you have read, understood and agree to the rules as set out below.


• Infinite Dreams is a guest friendly site, so registration in order to read the content published therein is not required. A Questions & Answers (Q&A) board has been created for guests to post any queries they might have concerning the site, in the event that the information supplied fails to adequately cover its basis.

• Our mature approach toward stories is geared more toward expectations of our members rather than content. Because Infinite Dreams is more storyline driven than sandbox in nature, we expect writers to have the experience and time necessary to push said storyline, but under no circumstances are the members to write intimate situations of explicit nature with their characters. Flirting and romance and such things are fine, but nothing too explicit and graphic. This is to safeguard those who are not suitable for that kind of writing. As such, Infinite Dreams has been rated accordingly:

• When registering, please register with your characters first and last name in capitals, for example, NATASHA ROMANOFF. Refer to the Application Rules for how to proceed once you register. Failure to follow those rules, the account shall be marked as inactive, and eventually deleted thereafter.


• Infinite Dreams is a plot driven site where storytelling takes precedence, so it goes without saying that the sharing of ideas among staff and members alike is paramount. Do not, by any means, feel reluctant to contact anyone with an idea you might have. We, the staff, will do everything in our power to adapt any concepts that are presented to us.

• When it comes time to post and reply in threads, we expect members to write in the third person past tense, for example, she went to the store, as opposed to I am going to the store.

• A minimum word count of 250 words will be expected from our members so that there is enough material to base a reply on.

• This is just basic roleplaying etiquette, but please refrain from godmodding and metagaming unless it has been discussed and approved in advance.

• Any potential pregnancies have to be cleared with both players involved in the conception in advance, as well as the staff.

• If a thread has been abandoned, or has been completed, please let the staff know so that it can be appropriately archived.


• Players can apply for as many characters as they see fit, but upon first joining the site, only two characters will be permitted without restrictions. The third character will require a total of 20 in character posts across both the first and second character, that is 10 posts with your first character and 10 posts with second character. For a fourth, you will require 15 posts with your third character, and for a fifth, 20 with your fourth character, and so on, and so forth. An extra five posts will be added to the post count with every character that is applied for thereafter. However, if members are struggling to get the necessary post count for their next character, which is to be expected on a newly opened site, a character that is already active can be 'put on ice', and a further character taken in place of that character. In order to play the character that has been frozen, a post requirement will be necessary as outlined above. Although, we would really appreciate it if major canons aren't affected by this. After all, there shouldn't be any problems that can't be solved by consulting with staff and plotting with members alike with regard to writing them. When in doubt, ask us and we will work with you.

• Players will not be permitted to register, reserve or apply for new characters until they have gotten the necessary posts with their previous characters. This will be enforced in particular with canon characters, as we wish to avoid locking up a canon character in the event of someone else taking an interesting in applying for same character.

• Players signing up for site plots and subplots will be expected to understand that doing so requires them to be active in said plot and or subplot, and are asked to give due consideration to the time they have on their hands before entering their characters into the fray. Group threads make up an important part of such events, and it is simply not fair for a member (or members) to slow down the progress of a thread without prior notification of same. Infinite Dreams takes an approach with such cases that many other sites do not. In the words of Queen: "The Show Must Go On", and it will, and we will proceed with the plot or subplot regardless.

• Players who are taking their leave from this site, be it temporary, or permanent, please post in the Leave of Absence board using the form therein. We don’t require details as to your absence, simply that you indicate a leave and return date, but bear in mind, these LOAs will only be valid for the time frame given unless extended.

• We ask that those playing canon characters post in-character at least twice a week, working out to eight posts per month. If we feel this is not being adhered to, these characters will be deemed inactive and eventually deleted.

• We request that all members log in with all their accounts at least once per day. This is to ensure that people sending personal messages to additional accounts as opposed to a main account will not go unnoticed.

• Threads that go a month without receiving a reply will be automatically archived.


• We would ask that all advertisers post their ad in the correct section. If this is your first time visiting the site, then post in the First Link forum. If we posted on your site, then post back in the Link Back forum.

• Repeat posting is permitted, provided we can repeat post on your site.

• We do not discriminate based on forum host, whether you are Jcink or Proboards, you are welcome to advertise with us. All we ask is that you indicate which host you are using with a simple [JCINK] or [PB] in the topic title or description, so that we are aware in the event we are linking back to your site.

• Registering to advertise to members via PM, or logging into our Discord server to advertise via DM will not be tolerated, nor will posting links in the chat box.


• Only two images are required during the registration process on Infinite Dreams, a square gif image, and an avatar no bigger than 250 x 400 (width to height).

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attention, guests!

INFINITE DREAMS is a moderate to intermediate, mature role-playing site where we pick up from where Captain America: Civil War left off and into a future where the Infinity Stones shall come in play.

Please be sure and read everything contained within the INFO section of our site.

For guests with any questions, kindly note that a majority of the staff team reside on the continent of Europe, putting them in the GMT +1 and GMT timezones. This will make them uncontactable for various reasons, in particular, during the night. If the section as referenced above fails to answer your questions, we would advise patience in waiting for members of administration to revert, or post your questions in the Q&A for a more in depth response.