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 X-Factor, ID's New Membergroup
 Posted: Jun 24 2018, 05:05 PM
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The X-Factor originally found its roots in a group that went by the name of 'Freedom Force' in the comic canon, a government sanctioned group that was formed by Mystique and Valerie Cooper. Mystique, as leader of her own incarnation of the Brotherhood, sought to have herself and her teammates pardoned for various crimes they had committed by aligning themselves with the government through Cooper.

Thus, Freedom Force was born, and making up its ranks were the likes of Pyro, Avalanche, Blob, Toad, etc. In other words, characters that would have been affiliated with the Brotherhood. Its ranks grew, and in time, they were enlisted by the government for the purpose of enforcing the Mutant Registration Act. The team eventually disbanded after a mission went badly wrong, but Cooper sought to revamp the group under the name 'X-Factor' instead.

Although, X-Factor does differ slightly from its origins, insofar as its ranks aren't made up of criminals in the form of the Brotherhood, but members of the X-Men themselves. However, their purpose didn't deviate from the original intent behind the group, and they remained sanctioned by the government for the purpose of tackling dangerous individuals. This time, it's member base was made up of Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Quicksilver, etc, with Havok and Polaris being appointed as team leaders.

Here on Infinite Dreams we plan to take a similar approach to the group, using Magneto's death as the catalyst that would have driven what remained of his Brotherhood to align themselves with the government so as to secure a pardon for their crimes, and form the X-Factor. The interesting thing about Freedom Force and the X-Factor is that characters don't have to be criminals or terrorists seeking a pardon to join its ranks, but could also be those with more heroic inclinations seeking to protect general members of the public from perceived dangerous individuals as well, giving us a nice balance of characters.

Bear in mind, though, ultimately, the group will be expected to enforce the Sokovia Accords, just as the comic canon group were expected to enforce the Mutant Registration Act. This could create an interesting dynamic between the characters that make up its ranks as well, with former members of the Brotherhood's stance clashing with those who might lean more closely toward the X-Men's interests in promoting unity.

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