Hey there! My name is Nadin and I'm from Germany. My responsibility lies with the graphics as well as the advertisment of this lovely site. Apart from that I'm lingering in the shadows and be there when no one expects me. But no worries, I do not bite (hard). Joke aside, I'm well-bred and have manners. I love harmony and try to maintain it in every aspect of what I do. I love to brainstorm before jumping into a thread so there will be absolutly no reason for you to be shy. Just write me a pm or meet me on discord! When I'm not around then it's because I'm at work (shifts), I'm dead or our time zones are way too far apart.
Hi! Maggie here, the moderator around these parts. My job lies squarely with the site layout and aesthetic, as well as advertising. I work as a Legal Secretary, and I live in Ireland, so my presence around the board might be spotty during the course of the day, but I will be hovering at various intervals. What do I bring to Infinite Dreams? A love of writing, and particularly, story telling. I also have all this useless Norse mythology knowledge that makes me the best equipped to deal with all them pesky Aesir, Vanir and whatever else might wander into the site, so if you have any questions about that area of things, hit me up either by PM or on Discord at madmaggie#6538.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
CHRISTIAN FROST Hellfire Club 17-May 18 1
CLINT BARTON Secret Avenger 15-May 18 10
DER SOLDAT Admin 13-May 18 26
EMMA FROST Hellfire Club 13-May 18 16
FROSTBYTE Admin 13-May 18 24
HELMUT ZEMO Hellfire Club 13-May 18 10
J. JONAH JAMESON Civilian 29-May 18 0
JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES Secret Avenger 13-May 18 16
KASANDRA WULF Hellfire Club 13-May 18 4
KATHERINE PRYDE X-Men 29-May 18 23
KURT WAGNER Government 2-June 18 6
LOKI LAUFEYSON Alien 13-May 18 25
LORNA DANE Validating Today at 12:46 pm 1
MARIE D'ANCANTO X-Men 3-June 18 4
MODI THORSDOTTIR Alien 18-May 18 6
MONET ST. CROIX Hellfire Club 31-May 18 3
NATASHA ROMANOFF Secret Avenger 13-May 18 23
PETER PARKER Avenger 29-May 18 14
PORTIA PECK Civilian 5-June 18 3
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